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New Inserts & Previews


New Insert arrive Friday -Monday

Please take a minute to look at the previews before ordering. 

*We are not responsible for incorrect orders.  



Shipping Days & Hours

Monday orders ship Tuesday

Tuesday orders ship Wednesday

Wednesday orders ship Thursday 

Thursday orders ship Friday

Friday thru Sunday orders ship Monday (unless special arrangements have been made)


Cut off time is 9pm (PST)



if you ordered Tuesday night before 9 Pm your order will be processed and shipped out wednesday 


First time ordering here's the 411 .
If you received an email saying your order processed then your inserts have been pulled, counted, packaged up, sealed, shipping label has been printed and attached to your package.
It is now on its 2-3 day journey to you 😊. .

💕 How to track orders 💕
💻 Log into PayPal on DESKTOP not on mobile app. .
📌 Find transaction payment made and click on it.
📌 Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you'll see tracking number. .
📌 Click on number to track it.
📌 Please give the system 24 hours to update your tracking.
🚨 If you do not have a PayPal account then email me your order info and I will email you back your tracking number as soon as I can. .
😉 Hint if you forward your order receipt when contacting me it speeds up things.
🚨 Please note once dropped off at post office I no longer have any control whatsoever on your package.

I see exactly the same thing you see when tracking a package.

Sorry I don't have any secret link or insider information as to why it's running late.


USPS Priority Shipping

According to the USPS website, delivery times for Priority Mail is 1-3 business days. 


We accept all major credit cards and Paypal


Note: If you pay by Echeck your order will NOT be shipped until echeck has cleared.

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are already included in price shown

Your Shipping Information

Your shipping address should match your address on file with PayPal

Returns & Cancellations

Once order is completed there are no returns or cancellations accepted. If your address on file with Paypal does not match shipping address and your package gets sent to the wrong address we are no longer responsible


Email: Pkitass@Gmail.com
Text message: +1-818-906-4960